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8 Things You Need to Know About the Vulkan API

You may have heard of the new Vulkan API a long time ago, especially because it’s using parts of AMD’s former Mantle, whose discontinuation upset many – since it provided several improvements of efficiency and performance on coding. But as distressing as that was for some, it was also followed by the good news, in […]

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Industries that rely on CAD

At CAD Culture, we specialise in offering training for the use of Rhino 3D, a highly versatile CAD program that can be used for a variety of uses. Our specialty is training you how to use Rhino 3D to design jewellery, but CAD is used in a variety of different industries. Nowadays, if an industry […]

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A Brief History of Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) programmes can trace their lineage back over 50 years, despite being seen as new technology to some. Whilst modern engineering design and drafting can ultimately be traced as far back to descriptive geometry in the 16th century, the creation of engineering drawings changed very little until the end of World War […]

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