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A Simple Introduction to the Use of NURBS in Rhino

If you’ve been researching Rhino 3D and other CAD software, the chances are you’ve come across a lot of pieces talking about NURBS. Standing for Non-Uniform Rational Basis-Spline, NURBS is essentially an intuitive way for working with curved shapes with high precision. It also allows you to analyse curvatures, volume distribution and section lines in […]

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What is Rhinoceros 3D? The Benefits of Rhino 3D

What is Rhino 3D?   Rhinoceros 3D, or Rhino 3D, is the world’s most versatile 3D modeller. It can create, analyse, edit, animate, render, document and translate polygon meshes, point clouds, solids, surfaces and NURBS curves. Apart from the size of your hardware, there are no limits to the complexity you can produce with Rhino […]

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