Jewellery design with Rhino 3D / Level 01

This course is geared to professional Jewellery designers who will be using and/or supporting Rhino. The course explores advanced techniques in jewellery modeling to help participants better understand how to apply Rhino’s modeling tools in practical situations. In class, you will receive information at an accelerated pace. For best results, practice at a Rhino workstation between class sessions, and consult your Rhino reference manual for additional information.

Day 1

Rhino Basics and Intro
Create a Cube using Create Surfaces
Selecting exercises
Lock and Unlock parts
Curve Tools
Flat Top Band
D-Shaped Band

Day 2

Domed Ring
4 Claw Solitaire Ring
Rope Pattern Band
6 Claw Setting

Adding value: Tips and info on Cad Design for the Jewellery Industry

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Course Description

Please note that all participants should bring their own laptop, and if they do not have one, we will provide one at an extra fee. If you do not have a copy of Rhino, please install the free trial version at

Course Details

Date: TBC
Duration: 2 Days
Location: Perth